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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have read lots of aviation news this past few days and most of the news are stating that some Airline company are going to reduce the number of their workers because of the very high cost of oils.

Last Monday, AirTran said that they are going to cut 480 pilots and flight attendants job. Workers are not the only person who are affected because of oil price hike but also those people who are used to travel to different places. Because most of the airline companies are going to reduce the flights and routes. AirTran are also told their employees that they are going to cut salaries and wages by 10%.

It was September 2001 when airline companies are affected with the same problem. And according to some sources airlines laid off almost 100,000 employees and this year 2008 is the second-worst year for job losses in airline industry.

Even American Airlines are going to cut over 8% of their employees. That is equivalent to 7,000 jobs which includes 900 flight attendants.


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