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Friday, June 27, 2008

Skyship 600 for testing

Skyship 600 for testingThis summer, US Navy will going to test the Skyship 600 off the coast of Florida. The testing is for the evaluation of the performance of the Skyship 600 as a surveillance aircraft.

Skyship 600 is airship that was designed by the British Company Airship Industries. Skyship 600 was leased by the Navy but, it is owned and operated by the Airship management services. Skyship 600's cabin has rooms for up to 12 passengers, it also has lots of rooms for different equipments with a minimal vibrations. Coast Guard said that Skyship 600 has lots of unique features.

The U.S. Navy along with the Coast Guard will collect data of the Skyship 600 about the utility and the cost-effectiveness of the said aircraft. They will test the Skyship 600's systems and crew fatigue for 8 hours with three crew on patrols.This airships requires 20 crew which includes the pilots (2), engineers (3), and ground crew (15).

The ship will be monitored while it's on ground by a watchmen who are located at the airship at all times.